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is the better q.b., peyton manning vs. junie unitas and concern following a tough loss for the trojans. detail busy a u.s.c. player receiving threats. >> and we are counting it down to "monday night football." the dolphins won the a.f.c. east last year. they could fall two gapes back two games in if they don't beat the colts tonight. kickoff at 8:30 eastern time. we will be keeping you company for the next hour here. golic, you all right now? >> i feel a lot better. >> thank you for starting your eaching with "sportscenter." we hope you woke up with us this morning. >> we will get you ready for "monday night football" and go through all of yesterday's most important moments. first, we will catch you up on the news of the day. >> begins in philadelphia. we don't know who the quarterback of the eagles will be this sunday but it won't be michael vick. if donovan mcnabb is not able to go, kevin kolb will get another start. >> you know i thought kevin kolb for starting his first game and putting up 378 yards, i thought he did good things. can he learn from the interceptions? yeah. can he learn on s
. [captioning made possible by espn, inc.] john: peyton manning, the deciding factor last night in miami. who would you rather have in the final minute, peyton or eli? we're breaking down the more clutch brother. plaxico burress begins his prison sentence. details of an emotional goodbye to his family at the courtroom. we have a live report from manhattan. how important is zack greinke's start tonight? plus, why the royals pitcher could have a huge impact on the american league central race. here we come. captioned by the national captioning institute chris: at this hour live on "sportscenter," former giants wide receiver plaxico burress has been taken into custody following this morning's sentencing hearing on gun charges. he arrived at the courthouse about 20 minutes to 10:00, was sentenced to two years in jail, two years supervised release. sal paolantonio joining us live outside the manhattan supreme criminal courthouse with more on today's swift proceedings and yet very emotional scene. sal, what happened in the courtroom? >> chris, yes, it was very sand very emotional
behind bars. hold on tight for the top 10 plays of week two and see if peyton manning is the best quarterback of the super bowl era. and inside the return to power at miami. what oklahoma is saying now about the plan for sam bradford. >> at this hour on "sportscenter" an m.r.i. this morning confirmed cowboys running back marion barber is nursing a quad strain. league sources told barber hopes to play against the panthers monday night. floyd mayweather according to his tax attorney the man called money mayweather agreed to pay $5.6 million in back taxes and did so before the i.r.s. tapped into his purse before fighting juan manuel marquez. we begin with a sad, entirely avoidable story for an nfl star. >> plaxico burress from super bowl hero to a number at rykker's island. he gets the two years he pleaded to back in august. burress pleaded guilty to criminal possession of a weapon after shooting himself in a manhattan nightclub with an unlicensed weapon. now he does his time. all right, sal paolantonio was in the courthouse today and joins us now from new york. give us an i
of the second-year receiver. >> jon: peyton manning looks at the defense. two receivers on his right. two young guys. carly and garcon. you two guy, do what i tell you to do with this hand signal. garcon didn't get it done. but peyton manning gave them a shot. >> ron: once again pressure look by the dolphins. they are not sitting back, they're clouding the line of scrimmage and going to bring the heat. >> mike: manning gets rid of it to garcon. nobody's waiting on him. touchdown! the sheriff gets his man again! >> ron: peyton manning read the blitz. blitz beater is that bubble screen. get the ball to probably your fastest wide receiver in pierre garcon. he takes it to the end zone. >> ron: excellent block from austin collie. >> ron: did they score too fast? that might be the question. >> mike: vinatieri, the extra point. 37-23. they went 80 yards 32 seconds. to take the lead. >> ron: what you're going to see is the pressure up the middle. they come clean. peyton manning reads it. he understands it. he gets the ball quickly out of pierre garcon in space. watch austin collie with a nice kick-off
florida.y bird special two playoff teams from a year ago collide. tonight, peyton manning and the colts face the miami dolphins next, on "monday night next, on "monday night countdown." captioning provided by espn, inc. >>> in south florida, where it's still the heat of the summer, two guys, who can tell some football stories, peyton manning and chad pennington. guys of quarterback various squads, peyton one of them. chad, jets and dolphins. talking football and they'll be playing football. welcome to "monday night countdown." hope you're enjoying the last full day of summer, another day at the beach for us. chris berman along with hall-of-famer mike ditka. keyshawn johnson, cris carter. tom johnson. mort. adam schefter. a cast of thousands from the sunshine state we begin with the big "d." opening night at cowboys' stadium turned from a giant disappointment for the home team. as the winner knew it would be the only team undefeated. how about them cowboys. tony romo, jason witten. oh, boy. kenny phillips. good! but phillips looking for a touchdown. what happened here? off the hand, off
. >> a lot has changed for them, though. they have a new coach, no marvin harrison now but peyton manning is still on the top of his game. and one night after his younger brother led a game-winning drive in primetime on the road, peyton did it, too. stuart scott anchors our coverage of "monday night football" from south florida. >> south florida on a muggy monday night but "sportscenter's" coverage of "monday night football" was on point as the miami dolphins appeared in "monday night football" for the 74th time, more than any team in the league. stuart scott, steve young, matt millen wearing makeup on a muggy night. that's tough. >> you guys are wearing makeup? you're weird. >> you're wearing makeup. >> much tougher for peyton manning as peyton was trying to get in the record books, tied with johnny unitas for most wins for a starting quarterback coming in. first play from scrimmage. and here-we-go. peyton to dallas clark, second time he's opened the game like this with an 80-yard touchdown. how did it go down? >> you are overanxious right off the bafment 3 watch out. how about a tackle
. dolphins lead it 23-20. but, again, you have peyton manning and he has dallas clark. dallas clark right there coming up with the reception. and then pierre garsone, the first touchdown of his career. 48 yards. 27-23, great blocking on the play. >> absolutely. look at the young receiver. austin collie, get out on the perimeter. kick it out. it relieves the offensive lineman. and then pierre puts on the jets and gets it home. >> later, check please. i'll take seven. all right. now, the miami dolphins have a lot of time to move down the field, boy, tim, they couldn't get anything. >> he's got to know, get that snap off before the two-minute warning. >> nothing was going right. now, they're trying to get something done. the ball comes loose. sack, that got them out of their rhythm. 59, 58 seconds left. they've got to hurry. second and ten. this has potential. ted ginn had a lot of catches but not the one he needed. >> no, you are expected to make this play. this is not a special play. this is the expectation for your number one receiver. >> so it came down to this. last chance for the dolph
on that list. colts and jags. coaching debut of jim caldwell as the head man in indianapolis. peyton manning, reggie wayne, shades of peyton manning and marvin harrison. >> true number one here going after the ball. great route runner. he can do it all. >> peyton manning throws for 301 yards, a touchdown and reggie wayne, 162 yards, 10 catches. here's peyton now on his new number one. >> new sheet that are given on the nfl stat sheet, which is scary. they're giving targets. i don't really like that. there's going to be some guys see the target and go, i was the target. how do that know who my target was, also? i try to get it taken out, but it's an nfl thing. but, you know, i saw him today, he was the target 14 times supposedly and caught ten balls. >> you want to be involved as much as possible. i don't think i'm going to have this kind of day every week. i would hope so. but we just, like i said, i'll take whatever that give me. whenever that call my number, i just want to make something happen. >> the first win, certainly think our team played well and did a great job. i think that one wi
a foot did in the steelers. we go one-on-one with peyton manning. why the future hall of famer says he's not comfortable being compared to colts legend johnny u. plus, one win from his sweep, the twins had the tigers backpedaling. the twins looking for any way to stop the bleeding. see how they did. (hissssssssssss!) enterprise... hi, i'm at the repair shop. i need to rent a car. enterprise will arrange to pick you up... this is great! you to our place, and get you on your way. pick enterprise. we'll pick you up. excited about this game going into the season. lastor the slug 'em teams had them over the sling 'em teams. of the high scoring teams san diego is kind of the last one stanged. baltimore they leave no one standing here we go from the murph. in the chargers home opener, philip rivers and company barely won monday night. the ravens, they bring everyone but they forget derrick sproles. and rate here at the 30, it's woop, ed reed turn around of all people so l.t. isn't playing. sproles gets the brunt of it. 7-0, lightning bolts. willis mcgay heat, three-yard touchdown. re
. records are clearly made to be broken, and not even peyton manning has come close to breaking johnny unitas's record of 47 consecutive games with a touchdown pass. if he does, it'll be his alone. however, we believe it is now shared with an asterisk. the next time you go to ribbings game, be sure to take a minute to admire and salute the statue of the greatest baltimore colt of all time. th >>> the fallout over what was
. peyton manning getting off of his injury. they struggled early. it was just a matter of all of the choreograph and he the dance steps going on with offensive football that are so particular. teams struggle when guys have been gone for a little while. it will be a work in progress. they will get protected better and play better. look for them to smooth it out. by the end of the year they will be one of the better offenses in the league. >> more from steve young later on in "sportscenter." we will breakdown brady's performance from week one to week two. >> coming up a cowboys great calling out tony romo. find out who. and steve young on why he thinks the saints are the best in the nfl right now. alabama's first test of the season. hear from nick saban and "p.t.i." debates should mark reynolds care more about breaking the strikeout record. >> this show is part of my daily regiment. as much as the news on cnn. >> larry king stopped by "sportscenter." they say imports always get the best mileage. well, do they know this malibu offers an epa estimated 33 mpg highway? they never he
getting ready to take on peyton manning and the colts. it was a rude welcome for tom brady and the patriots. for the first time since december of 2006 new england does not score a touchdown. their offense has struggled. why? >> that he lost their he can will inreup. -- they lost their equalibrium. allow tom brady to get used to being around the body and get used to contact and not having to drop back and throw the ball 100 times in two games. >> is belichick worried? >> i don't think he's worried. he's worried how they'll look the last two games, not the first two games. >> brady had won 21 consecutive games since sunday and was the second since the merger. tennessee, south carolina are 0-2 and lost a combined seven games last season and now are at four combined. how do they right the ship? >> take a deep breath. us in the media will panic and write them off but if you're john fox or jeff fisher, stay the course. stay true to how you coach. there's veteran leadership on both teams and they will recover and be playoff contenders. >> next week tennessee goes to new york to ta
. >>> coming up in sports, peyton manning has a special guest prowling the sidelines. jim zorn defends his call against a hall of fame quarterback. the redskins' biggest twitter offender. >>> president obama is shifting his focus to foreign policy as he speaks to the united nations. today mr. obama focused on climate change and middle east peace. michelle franzen reports. >> reporter: in his first presidential visit to the united nations, president barack obama told world leaders that a high-level climate summit the u.s. is renewing its commitment to combat global warming. >> we understand the gravity of the climate threat. we are determined to act and we will meet our responsibility to future generations. >> reporter: the president urged other nations to act together to find bold and swift clean energy solutions despite financial challenges and differences. >> no nation however large or small, healthy or poor can escape the impact of climate change. >> reporter: the remarks come the day before he addresses hundreds of heads of state gathering in new york city for the u.n. general assembly. the
today. >> back with a live update at 7: 25. >> have a good one. >> this past monday night peyton manning earned his 119th victory with the indianapolis colts and quickly was proclaimed the winningest colt quarterback of all time passing the great johnny you knights' victory and peyton manning always mindful said he did not feel comfortable with comparisons with you knights but was proud to wear the same uniform as a real winner. it raised the debates versus the nfl of today versus the nfl of you knights, butkus and brown. there is no denying peyton manning is a great player and a future hall of famer and worthy of every accolade. what is still in question is why the annapolis and baltimore colts continue to be linked. it is a disservice to both the city of annapolis and baltimore and the nfl needs to separate the two franchises once and for all. records are clearly made to be broken and not even peyton manning has come close to consecutive games and touchdown pass and if he does it will be his record alone however today we believe the mantle of the the greatest colt of all time is to be
. >> that was one of peyton manning's greatest games. >> it's "around the horn," presented by guinness. here's tony reali! >> hello world. welcome back to the show that scores the argument. let's meet the national panel. in los angeles, bill plaschke! >> i am the dallas clark of the panel. >> in denver, woody paige. >> if i don't look at you, i can pretend you're not here. >> in chicago, jay mariotti. >> i had a meeting with vinny chase. >> and in washington, kevin blackistone. >> i'm just tickled it's tony time. let's do it. >> all right, guys, let's make it happen. have you ever, in all your years of covering football, seen a team do what the dolphins did last night and lose a football game? they ran, they wild-catted, they had the ball three times as long as the colts and still couldn't win. peyton making the most of his 14 minutes on the field. chad not making the most of the last three. did the better team win this game, woody? >> absolutely. the colts were the better team for this game, and yes, i have seen teams in games like this before. tony, you remember air coryell with the san diego cha
'm not comfortable with those compare sons. >> one thing peyton manning has going for him is he makes his 178th straight start. last time he was on this field in south florida he was m.v.p. of super bowl xli. >>> we're back with boomer and t.j. and "the blitz." a pair of teams winning in unexpected fashion. how aaron rodgers came so close to a game-winning drive. see how frank gore made fantasy owners very happy sunday. adrian peterson sees daylight and rarely disappoints. drew brees threw less touchdowns this week and the saints scored twice as much as the eagles. >> welcome back. no donovan mcnabb out for philly with a cracked rib and drew brees with a 6-touchdown pass pace. i'm kidding. maybe not. here we go. the eagles, who is that? is that sheldon brown coming out to try to scare the eagles. kevin kolb in his first career start but you'll need to score points against drew brees. six touchdown passes last week, two went to jeremy shockey. the opening drive of the game, 15 yards. certainly brees would be off a little bit to start. maybe not. third and four, five yards is shockey. at the 15,
. but what about the kids? >>> peyton manning passes a hall of famer, the jets are accused of cheating, and the tallest man couldn't help the mets. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning, and welcome back to "early today," i'm lynn berry, and here are some of your top headlines this morning. >>> ousted honduran president se lie ya has made a daring return to his country. zelayah is hold up in brazil's embassy where thousands of his supporters turned out in defiance of a curfew. >>> canada is facing mounting accusations of poor sportsmanship. ahead of the winter olympic games in vancouver, there were claims by foreign teams preparing, including the u.s., that they're not getting equal practice access to venues. canadian officials say they are following the rules. >>> and the los angeles times reports that unsealed documes show a pharmacist had warned anna nicole smith's internist that the drugs that her doctor requested for the model were "pharmaceutical sucide." the pharmacist refused to fill the order for smith who died of an overdose of prescription medication in 2007. >>> a
to the 33 yard. peyton manning and the colts face off against the dolphins in their scheme. colts/dolphins, coverage begins with "monday night countdown" served by appleby's. here's burns, keeps it this time. nowhere to go, brought down by j.t. thomas. >> bob: don't be repeating these plays. gus malzahn came back with the exact same play. didn't work the second time. the one thing that's tough, chris todd back in at quarterback. hasn't been the be quarterback for two snaps. it gets you a little bit out of sync. todd threw touchdown passes. that one complete at the 43 yard line for a first down to darvin adams. he picks up 13 and comes up hobbling a little bit. 30 seconds to go in the third quarter. bob they can't afford any injuries. they are so thin at this position. this may be reviewed right here. i'm sorry. it's the end of the quarter. >> mark: depth an issue. holding up four fingers signifying the beginning of the fourth quarter. >>> down 17 points, nebraska resorted to a trick play known as the fumblerooski. it was dropped on the guard to dean steinkohlor to take it in for a
in a sport a demanding measure of their own courage and ability. >> fifth touchdown throw for peyton manning. >> adrien peterson is loose. >> touchdown. >> touchdown. >> brady to moss. >> and he does it again. bring its down the field and touchdown number two. threw a beautiful ball there. >> larry fitzgerald. do you believe it? >> the pittsburgh steelers have won the super bowl for their sixth time. >> take a swipe at one of ours and we'll take a swipe at two of yours. >> detroit lions select matthew staff ord. >> i want to win a super bowl. >> i didn't want to say: "what if." >> week one of the n.f.l. season. jets and texans and new york done got themselves a quarterback. >> young guy making it happen. over the top of the defense, don't have to worry about the zone conflict. mark sanchez and the jets out of the gate for week one win over the texans 24-7. late games around the n.f.l. as baltimore, surprise at that 31-24 chase hanging with ravens. down to third string quarterback, but broed brody c looks good. and tony romo and the cowboys, big gaudy numbers and rahe, m morris' debut in ta
is peyton manning dealing with first possession interception. can indy hold off jackson for an early win? it >> time for baseball. tampa bay and the red sox in the first game of two. buck buckholz on the hill. and the throw is off the mark. and gross tries to score, but thrown out by casey kotchman. and they are able to score. matt garz a over the plate and pedroia makes him pay. garz a upset after pitching a great game. red sox take this one 3-1. rays drop their 10th in a row. pedr pedroia has a five-game winning streak. >> welcome in to another half-hour, 3:33 on the east coast, 12:33 to our loyal viewer necessary washington. >> alongside steve bunion, i'm michael kim. we have the n.f.l. and college football. we have 10 and is we'll have more reaction to the situation involving serena williams last night at the u.s. open. right here in my hand, fresh off the printer -- maybe not so fresh, but it is off the printer. the top 25 poll. >> steve bunion and michael kim joining you for another half-hour of of fun-filled action. >> can we get to the poll now? >> florida is number one. 56 of th
-god. the defense leading the charge for rex ryan's roar. plus we get set for peyton manning to go to south florida and take on the dolphins. primetime has it all right now. captioning provided by espn, inc. >>> hi, everybody. welcome in to "nfl primetime." so glad you are hanging out with us. trey wingo. trent dilfer is here. and merril hoge is here as well. >> don't like the welcome i just got. >> welcome, merril. it is really an honor sharing oxygen with you. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> and not an ego at all. coming up tonight on "monday night football," the colts not involving merril, going for the 11th straight regular season win in miami. let's get you set for the very latest in what's going on with both teams with the team reports. we say hello to michele tafoya. >> hi, trey. peyton manning is going to have to deal with something he hasn't had to deal with in years. that's uncertainty at wide receiver. anthony gonzalez is out injured, out two to six weeks. he will rely heavily on pro bowler reggie wayne and tight end dallas clark. manning is going to have to integrate two young play
the championship but woods brought home the money. a $10 million bonus. >>> to football, peyton manning and the colts giving arizona more than they could handle. put over 500 yards of total office with manny tossing four touchdowns. colts over the cards, 31-10. sanchez became the first rookie quarterback to start a season and win the first three games of his career. he threw a pair of touchdowns and ran for another as the jets beat the titans, 24-17. couple fantastic finishes to show you. first in minnesota. vikings needing a touchdown with other 10 seconds to play against the 49ers. brett favre throws up a play and it's answered. greg lewis comes down with it. vikings win, 27-24. bengals and steelers, cincy down 5 with 18 seconds to play. carson palmer finds caldwell in the end zone to give cincinnati a lead. bengals win, 23-20. and finally, break up the lions after 19 straight losses. detroit finally won a game. stafford hits johnson for a 21 yard touchdown to give the felines an early lead, and they never look back. lions beat the redskins, 19-14. and that's your early look at sports
. if positions is not intend of the law, peyton manning -- not since the 1970's as a winning team had last possession and won an nfl game did it happen monday in miami with the colts have been the ball for less than a quarter of the time but still beating the dolphins. miami -- 3 yards, the dolphins lead 20-13. into the third quarter, donald brown, 15-yard running touchdown for the colts and then pierre -- here we are with a weaving run and evading everyone. in the visitors led by three. miami had one last shot of victory -- trying to decide whether this is really a hail mary pass. basically throw the ball up and see what happens and pray for the best. it was intercepted. the dolphins went out 23-27. major league baseball, leading team in national league central, cardinals, three more wins to clinch the division. on monday, here they are in houston facing the astros. mark the dawn of the damage, almost two solo homers, one in the third and one in the sixth. american league central -- it is in chicago. minnesota twins beat the white sox 7-0. chicago had a rookie pitcher on the mound, did no
. larry fitzgerald and kurt warner and the cardinals hosting peyton manning and the colts. all get it started "football night in america" at 7:00 eastern time next week. >> cris: sunday night games always this much fun? every game we've done so far has been great! >> al: we're on a pretty good roll here. so is the guy they drafted out of the usc. four yards into the end zone. sign owe rice moss brings it back out to the 25 by sinorice moss. giants have been shredded on the ground tonight. the cowboys in this half alone have rushed for 172 yards. take a look at that. on the ground tonight, dallas 251 yards. most on the ground in any game since 1993. that is 16 years ago at philadelphia. they will probably add to that figure. >> cris: it's eli time again here now. >> al: cowboys have the lead despite being minus four in the turnover ratio department. giants have not turned the ball over tonight. romo has thrown three picks and there has been a fumble as well. from the 25, four-man rush. dump it underneath to kevin boss and kevin boss with a flag down back at the 2
and win both and take their record 3-0. meanwhile, andrea kremer on the field with, who else? peyton manning. andrea? >> andrea: thank you, bob. 501 yards of total offense tonight. you look surprised at that. what were you able to exploit in their defense spaem with rodgers-cromartie badly beaten on a couple of touchdowns? >> important to stay patient. you want to come out and take the crowd out of it on the road. our defense was doing that but we had three three and outs in a row and stayed patient and wanted to be aggressive and go three wide and spread them out and take our shots passing down the field. didn't hit them early but when it counted as the game went on. >> you said in friday's practice you call it a dog and pony show and draw plays up in the dirt. wretchy wayne's -- reggie wayne's one-handed catch you can't draw that up. >> he is capable of making those plays. when i threw it i thought i may have led him too much and he did a great job. the catch, in itself, was outstanding. the fact that he got in bounds. a lot of people catch that ball and go out of bounds and you sa
performance. back down in miami. peyton manning, this guy can just make things happen. talk about it, first play of the game. manning executes a perfect play fake. deep to the middle, alex clark breaks one tackle and gone. 80 yards for the touchdown. colts up 7-0. it was manning's longest completion since 2005. dolphins will answer with the wild cat formation. ronnie brown takes a direct snap, powers his way, stretching for the goal to tie the game 7-7. currently, the score 27-23, quotes with less than three minutes to go. >>> the redskins got some very bad news today. they will starting right guard randy thomas for the season because of an injury to his right tricep. it is likely the redskins will decide tomorrow who will start in his place sunday against the lions. on a lighter note, my dad calls me this morning and said, linz, in the fourth quarter i swear i start special teams coordinator danny smith going crazy on coach jim zorn. a lot of people who saw that kn what's he was talking about. we asked zorn about it today. here's the situation. it happened during the fourth quarter of the
," dolphins and the colts. peyton manning, looking to make a lilt history. looking for his 119th-career win. would top johnny unitas, and the colts all-time record. manning to dallas clark. 80 yards later, he will score. and just like that, the colts are out to a quick 7-0 lead. tiger woods says, dude, can you do that some more? later in the first, same score, ronnie brown. in the wildcat formation. dolphin tie it up at 7-7. fareed brown, in for the touch. the dolphins take a 20-13 lead. later fourth, colts, at the dolphin's 15. donald brown, his first nfl touchdown for the work. colts down 23-20. manning, the screen to guyary garcon. he gets a block. and takes it all the way. colts, back on top 27-23. 35 seconds to go. dolphins at the colts' 42. pennington, play fake. end zone. but ted guinn, he can't reel it in. last dolphins' chance. six seconds to go. pennington. to tend zone. right idea, wrong person. manning wins its 119th game under center, with the colts breaking johnny u.'s team record. >>> that will do it for this espn news update. now, back to abc's "america this morning." >>> pr
football." peyton manning and the colts taking on the dolphins. the first play of the game manning finds dallas clark, hits him for an 80-yard touchdown. manning gets the pass that gets passed on the back from tiger woods who's always at a game it seems like, or winning something. the dolphins would later take the lead on the next run on the touchdown run. but manning would have the last word. he finds pierre who takes it in for a 40-yard line touchdown. colts win despite having the ball for only 15 minutes. brian: how does that happen, joe? >> because you have peyton manning. his 119th win surpassing johnny unitas for the most in franchise history. former giant super bowl hero plaxico burress expected to head to prison today. burress will be formally sentenced for carrying a gun into a new york nightclub. what were you thinking? according to his plea deal, burress will get two years behind bars but will likely get out in 20 months with good behavior. the 32-year-old receiver has said that he wants to get back into the nfl once he he's a free man. brian: gives up $24 million to go to pri
night football, colts in miami, first play of the game peyton manning to dallas clark who throws off a tackler. 80-yard touchdown shuts the crowd up on the road and then payton gets the high five from tiger woods. 7-0 colts. fourth quarter, 23-20 miami when a guy by the name of pierre garcon, you know what that sounds like to me, a hockey player's name. a touchdown late in the fourth. the colts leading this one 27- 23. >>> at one point tonight one of our reporters walked through the newsroom, looked at the tv and said "the orioles will still playing?" they are, having lost four in a road and 6 of 8 the o's were in toronto tonight. felix pia continues to rip the cover all the ball. the birds led 1-0 but chris tillman couldn't hold it up. lyle overbay a bomb to center shot. the jays scored the next 9 runs, that's nine runs, the o's lose 9-2. so not really the way, i was hoping the o's would go out here on my final night, but i will say that i'll miss you guys tremendously. wmar, been rough at times, met my wife here, meta lot of good friends here with the organization and my friends.
of presence at the same type of ability that peyton manning showed. you have a few growing pains, but i will tell you what. if you watch the ball game, there are certain throws he makes the other folks can't make. >> ok, scans fans. take a deep breath and look at this graphic. see if it gets you in a better mood. the quarterback comparison. jason campbell far superior in every category, especially the touchdown interception ratio. stafford throwing one touchdown with 5 interceptions. they're feeling a bit defensive before the team are ready for their trip to michigan. like many of his teammates, he is tired of hearing the team that out from the press. >>, and those experts actually play football? if they are playing football, i respect them. if you watch the play and look at every step, they are not experts. the other guys -- [unintelligible] you are not experts, you are idiots. >> while. -- wow. thereer excuse me, mary? what? okay, ah. verizon's high speed internet and phone package give us more for less - speed, security and online storage! that's the edge our small business needs. to
have gone louder. let's move on to sunday night football. this turned into a drubbing. peyton manning looked good and 131-10. >> some teams make it look so easy. >>> the government may throw the housing market another lifeline. >> linda bell joins us live from new york. >> we have more government help that may be on the way for the housing market. the administration is close to pushing $35 billion to provide mortgages to low and moderate- income families. this would be provided to agencies for cheap, short-term funding. $20 billion would be earmarked to buy mortgage bonds issued by housing agencies. the plant may be announced as early as this week. -- the plan may be announced as early as this week. kraft foods is crafting a new strategy. they are purchasing a product placing rights. home shopping network has only recently begun to sell the advertisement space. kraft products will be demonstrated on cooking products on the network. that is your business news. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, i am linda bell. back to you. >> thank you. >>> 5:26. the news continues. >> the na
for a touchdown. up 14-10 in pault more. peyton manning offsetting a pick. yet to get anything going. and the vikings with brett favre, two touchdowns from adrien peterson on brady quinn and the browns. other games and 17-0 now, the jets with the lead. mark sanchez his debut as quarterback for jets going quite well down in houston. a lot of people talking about a possible playoff appearance for the texan. not off to a good start. 3-0 and broncos lead the bengals in the first game of the josh horton and josh daniels era. the cowboys tacked on another touchdown since the last update. tony romo with two touchdown passes, 194 yards on the day for the quarterback and the eagles just rolling right now over the panthers 31-10. the panthers open with a seven-minute drive. 13 plays and 70 yards. ever since then, it's been the eagles. they scored 31 unanswered points and leading 31-10. coming up at 4:00 eastern, 1:00 number 16 slot. where is houston? how about number 21. they are making their debut in the poll, as is is the university of michigan, in at number 25, one day after defeating notre
the ball down the field. and we weren't able to do it. >> thanks to peyton manning, the dolphins are 0-2 on the young season. coming up, a little bit, trent dilfer's back with the one thing he knows about miami. >>> southern california, notre dame and oklahoma are programs with national championships in their past. who begin each season believing that they'll be in the b.c.s. discussion by the winter. each team has suffered an early season loss and each team is currently dealing with quarterback injuries of varying degrees. updates now on the health of matt barkley, jimmy clausen and sam bradford beginning with the reigning heisman trophy winner in norman. >>> i'm not going to detail day to day, i'm a little disappointed our players had so much to say. not that we're at all trying to be coy or anything that's behind the scenes outside of we just don't want -- i don't want sam to have to deal with the pressure of everybody's expectations. again, too early to speculate. i'm not going to get into the speculation. and so, you know, once he's comfortable, and ready to play, we'll -- i'll ha
that's all behind them now. you see peyton manning in front of you. first thing is you have to be patient because peyton manning will come to the line, order pizza, go on direct tv. he's going to do a lot of stuff with his audibles and play calling and recognition of the defense. but if you're john henderson, you know you are mammoth defensive tackle, so the first thing you have to do is get pressure, pressure up the middle because peyton manning, he's mobile, but he's not a fast athletic quarterback. so therefore pressure up the middle makes him use his legs and get outside the pocket, where he's not as dangerous as he will be just sitting back there feeling comfortable. so john henderson, put one were to of those big paws up in the air and then just see what happens from there. >> now we take you away from the defensive line. let's say you're darren sharper, strong safety, four-time pro bowler now playing for the saints, who host the detroit lions, who are starting matthew stafford, a look kirk at quarterback. you're sharper, the strong safety, what are you doing? >> you'r
else? peyton manning. andrea? >> andrea: thank you, bob. 501 yards of total offense tonight. you look surprised at that. what were you able to exploit in their defense spaem with rodgers-cromartie badly beaten on a couple of touchdowns? >> important to stay patient. you want to come out and take the crowd out of it on the road. our defense was doing that but we had three three and outs in a row and stayed patient and wanted to be aggressive and go three wide and spread them out and take our shots passing down the field. didn't hit them early but when it counted as the game went on. >> you said in friday's practice you call it a dog and pony show and draw plays up in the dirt. wretchy wayne's -- reggie wayne's one-handed catch you can't draw that up. >> he is capable of making those plays. when i threw it i thought i may have led him too much and he did a great job. the catch, in itself, was outstanding. the fact that he got in bounds. a lot of people catch that ball and go out of bounds and you say what a great catch but the fact he got his feet in and those are the plays we expect hi
, one of seven unbeaten teams adding to the list of who's hot, well, peyton manning and the colts improved 3-0 with the second straight road win and keeps the speed in bounds and a 20-yard touchdown and dallas clark over the middle and carving up the defense and one more time and a long one here. four touchdown passes to garcon and 53-yards on this one and 31- 10 and the colts are 3-0. they'll be here in november november. >> bring them on. >> well, you got it. >> still to come tonight. >>> well, health officials say that an intense flu season is underway. both the h1n1 and seasonal flu is hitting marylanders. >>> coming up right now, a pickup rams into a woman's -- a pickup rams into a woman's bedroom killing her. >>> crews are removing the damaged section of pipe. i'm adam may with an in-depth close look at the damaged infrastructure. that's coming up. >>> ravens win big again. it's still early in the season but purple fever is alive. what fans are saying in our exclusive fan cam. >>> and some showers in the region right now. what's in store for the rest of the night. don't miss
. >>> in no carrier sports, a comeback win for the colts. no carrier peyton manning completed 14 of no carrier > ring no carrier ring 23 passes no carrier for303 yards, but ring no carri it took this 48 yard touchdown pass no carrier ring with just over three minutes left no carrier ring to seal the deal. indianapolis beat the no carrier dolphins no carrier 27-23. >>> in ri nobaseball the red sox blew a big lead and a chance to make up more ground in the no carrier al east. a fifth inning ring victor no car martinez ring single put the sox up no carrier8-2 against the royal, but no carrier ring casey wouldn't quit. a no carrier no carrier > ring double tied the gam noe and k.c. went on no carrier ring to win it ring 12-9. no carrier >>> 9 ring angels were beating up no on the al ring leaders, the no carrier yankees. los angeles beat no new york > ring no carrier 5-2. the yanks' sixth loss in ten no carrier games, but york still ring leads boston by five games in the al east. no carrier ring >>> and no in the ring no carrier ring national league, no c
in the league to best sellers, football heros and brothers eli and peyton manning tell us about their brand new kids book. "early" this tuesday morning september 8th, 2009. wow. we showed the pictures before of all these pop warner kids and we said we'd explain why they're here and the fact is it's eli manning, the great eli manning is here. he along with peyton manning and father archie have written a kids book, right? all right. let's see. >> and they're very popular with the kids. >> we can walk over there. so we'll ask sk eli a bunch of questions in a little while. how are you feel something. >> doing great. >> very good. >> good morning. how are you? congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> i tell you what, it took me about three or four day, but i got through this. >> you got through it? >> heavy reading about. >> tough stuff. the kids are very excited. keep your shirt on! and we'll visit with you and your great story and your great proud family here in just a couple of minutes. >> i know he's married, so aim. but on to other things. >>> a great fish dish full of a me know acids, lots
tate lunging forward. peyton manning face off against the dolphins in their wildcat scheme. colts/dolphins on "monday night football" served by applebee's. ronnie brown, former tiger running back and pat white former quarterback for the mountaineers. >> bob: west virginia used the time-out. we need to talk about chris todd, the quarterback from auburn. you know, last year, not healthy. played, shoulder surgery in december. had no velocity on the football. the fans booed him. the football team was divided. no spring practice. came in and won the job. you talk about a background. goes to high school in kentucky. his dad is a coach. goes to texas tech for two years. leaves texas tech, goes to hutchinson junior college in kansas and comes in here really because of tony franklin last year's coordinator who he had a relationship with because he was a consultant for his high school when they put the offense in. it's been a long journey but he's thrown four touchdown passes. >> mark: 16 of 30 overall for 284 yards. >> bob: big third down, mark. >> mark: able to rocket all the way to the t
million. >> wait a minute, that doesn't seem right. >> it's very confusing. >>> colts quarterback peyton manning on the field, best quarterback in the nfl today, showing it when he was just in fuego. 31-10 over arizona late last night in phoenix. i hope he gets back to hosting saturday night live. megan fox was pretty to look at, but just not funny. mark sanchez keeps living up to his hype after doing spreads in "gq," the first rookie quarterback in history to lead his team to a 3-0 start. he makes that gutsy run for a touchdown. he has actually been called sex on a stick by an unnamed espn sports anchor, according to matthew barry's column online. >>> celebrating another victory in new york. new york yankees beat the red sox to win their division and secure the best record in the american league. they'll be home for most of the playoffs, which means tickets will be expensive. $200 million payroll, these guys are expected to win the world soers and have not gotten out of the first round since 2004. the rafer weigel curse. >>> indiana goes into michigan, almost got their first win there i
. peyton manning face off against the miami dolphins, offensive scheme, colts/dolphins on espn's monday night football coverage begins with "monday night countdown" served by appleby's. 7:00 eastern time. >> bob: the dolphins with the wildcat offense. it was started by gus malzahn at arkansas and darren mcfadden was the quarterback but back to rich rodriguez about 15 years ago. >> mark: play fake by jarrett brown. still on his feet. you know, at 6'4", 225 pounds he can be rather difficult to bring down. you saw an example of that, josh bynes and michael goggans. >> bob: he is one of those guy, not as fast as pat white but he is every bit as elusive, mark. he just has a nakamura of making people miss. the guy is an incredible scrambler based on what i've seen early in the season. >> mark: devine, devine. devine, the one, 71 yards! >> bob: no narc on this west virginia offense. noel devine, last year against auburn, talk about speed. >> mark: probably liked that game tape. watched it a couple of types and said let me do it again. devine after that 71-yard romp. close to 100 in this game.
they come into the nfl. he shows a lot of the same types of presence and ability peyton manning did. i happened to be in indianapolis when peyton was a rookie. they'll have a heck of a quarterback when it's all said and done. >> iave a lot of confidence in matt's ability, not only as a player, but ability to led this team and help us win. i think he is going to be our quarterback. he is our quarterback and we'll be happy with him as quarterback. >> that was lions' head coach jim schwarz. >>> make sure you tune into showtime tomorrow night at 7:00. doc walker, mike wise join lyndsay and me to talk skins and lions. >>> still battling, but the nationals could not stave off loss number 100 any longer. the nationals lost to the dodgers 7-6 tomorrow night. their 100 loss of the season. it doesn't signify anything other than this team is just really bad. even worse than last year when they lost 102 games. i can tell you this, they are still playing hard, which is a credit to manager jim riddleman. it was evident last night. steve mccaddy taking an early visit to the mound. top of the first, d
the pock and gets the ball into the hands of his covers. peyton manning, yeah, i want to talk about mike. >> see you monday night at 8:30 eastern. >> pretty good matchup over on abc, texas tech red raiders trailing. lee long aleong -- outback stea house logon to and search outback to play. >> roberts 1-20. >> second half, auburn, west virginia on its way. >>>. >> mark: welcome back, everyone. west virginia up by a point against auburn as we get started in the third quarter of play, the tigers will receive the ball to begin the period and right now time for the first half stats brought to you by guitar hero. >> bob: look at these stats. we thought it would be an offensive explosion and west virginia started out that way, 200 yards offense in the first quarter. ends up with 291 in the first half. auburn fought through that initial onslaught, ended up getting on rhythm there and points off turnovers. i thought brown got a little sloppy at the end of the first half. interception to neiko thorpe, ten points for auburn off of turnovers. >> mark: from the 15-year-old, mccalebb and he's
monday night peyton manning earned his 119th victory with the annapolis colts and quickly was proclaimed the winningest colt of all time. with the winning he surpassed the great johnny unitis' team. manny always mindful of the legacy said after the game he did not feel comfortable with the comparisons to eunitis but he was proud to wear the same season form. the comparisons -- [unintelligible] there is no denying peyton manning is a great player and future hall of famer. there is still a question why manning and eunitis -- records are clearly made to be broken and not even manning has come close to breaking eunitis' record of 40 games with a touchdown pass. and if he does, it will be his record alone. peyton manning is the greatest colt in the history of the hoosier state, but the next time you go to a game, be sure to take a moment to honor the statue of the greatest baltimore >> good morning. welcome to "11 news sunday morning." i'm rob roblin in for lisa robinson. >> and i'm kerry cavanaugh here for kate amara. not good tailgating weather as of now, john. >> some people probably want
of the entire game, won. peyton manning led them in a come from behind play. gets a high five from tiger woods. sunday will be michael vick's first game since being released from prison for dog fighting. do not expect to see him much on the field. andy reid said even though donovan mcnabb is hurt vick will take a back seat to kevin cobb. vick hasn't played in two years but will probably see a few plays on the field slowly but surely. moms listen up, pedialyte and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches helped colt mccoy beat the flu at texas tech. mccoy had the flu all week, struggled in the first half against tech saturday. at halftime he downed the pedialyte and had a few pbjs and felt much better in the second half. he completed almost every pass he threw and had a touchdown. >> pedialyte and peanut butter, protein. >> for the flu. lastly, 102-year-old dodger fan got the chance of a lifetime and the crew saw his dream come true when they made him a guest on his birthday. got to meet the players and take in a game and got a bag full of free stuff. that's a look at sports. >> sweet. >>> what are y
football," to a.f.c. playoff teams in action. peyton manning and the colts taking on chad pennington and the dolphins' wildcat offense. colts-dolphins, espn's "monday night football." coverage begins with "monday night countdown" at 7:00 eastern. >> that chase for the sprint cup begins in new hampshire today. 12 drivers battling for the top spot. driver jeff burton picks his two favorites to win. ohio state looking to rebound from its loss to u.s.c. the dogs trying to take a bite out of the hogs. we pump up the volume. here's a listen. >> are you kidding me! the huskies take down third-ranked u.s.c.! you know me. almost 30 years behind the sports desk has turned me into somebody larger than life, literally. but those days are back-back-back-back-back gone! i'm chris berman, and i lost 41 pounds with nutrisystem. just order nutrisystem for men today to get four weeks of awesome food, and learn how to get three extra weeks free. let's go to the highlights. mike "all i ate was golic bread": down, 51 pounds. don "blue suede" shula: down 32 pounds. dan "glam man" marino: lost 22 pounds. g
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